Era-Turk International Transport Construction and
Architectural Furniture Trade Ltd. Co.
Some guests may not prefer furniture and design that bear neither past nor present lines as living environment. The environment where they will feel peaceful and comfortable can go beyond today and they love futuristic lines.

ERA GROUP Era-Türk International Transportation Construction and Furniture Trade Limited Company; Since 2005, it has been a pioneer in hotel motel board decoration and design in all sizes, and is a practitioner of a complete service that delivers on-site delivery from national and international transportation. Regardless of the type of living place, our company, which can produce effective solutions for being a place to stay in peace, has re-designed the interior of many buildings and hotels, thus signing it. We thank our hundreds of customers who have trusted us until today and accepted them as solution partners. Our goal is to make this working system continuous by making it a principle and in this sense, to become a doyen of our sector. If you are looking for a company that is quality in service, distinguishing and principled in its presentation, please call us.

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